Be Our Guest!

We are looking for Guest Hosts. It’s as easy as a 5 second introduction to Lionfish TV! Please be part of Lionfish TV – it’s easier than you think!

6 Easy Steps

5 Seconds! That’s it! There are many different ways to host but start with a 5 second video introducing Lionfish TV first. If you like that then you can take larger roles on our channel. Being a guest host is both easy and fun! Follow these 6 steps and you could be on one or more of our next shows on Lionfish TV. This is your channel and everyone in the lionfish community deserves to be on it so reach out and let’s get you on TV!

Here’s an example of what we are looking for – simple, fun and easy to make. Join Us!


  • Step 1: Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself using the contact form below. We can then answer any questions you might have.

  • Step 2: The Backdrop

Find a good clean wall that is a solid color as your backdrop, or tack a sheet up on the wall with little to no wrinkles. This will be where you stand in front of it about 6 12″ away – helps with less of a shadow.

  • Step 3: Cell Phone, Tripod & Light

Use a tripod to hold the cell phone horizontally and preferably a light ring or a well lit area for a cleaner and stable video.

  • Step 4: Wardrobe

Make sure you are wearing something appropriate and you look they way you want to. No politics, advertising, or wild prints. If you wear a hat be careful not to shadow your face so we can see you.

  • Step 5: Film It!

Lights, camera aaaand ACTION! Start the video and count to 3 silently then say: Welcome! To Lionfish TV. Pause a couple of seconds then turn it off. That’s it – easy!

  • Step 6: Review It!

Make sure it’s clear, the volume is good, the lighting is good and you are happy with it. Don’t be too hard on yourself – moat people don’t like hearing or watching themselves in videos. Once you have the a couple you like. Send them.

Introduction Yourself

7 + 6 =

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Introduce Yourself?

Once we know whoyou are and get you set up in our system you can then work with us going forward. Our goal is to have you as a regular or as often as you’d like to be guest host, comentary, or just fun videos.

  • Why A Backdrop?

Our shows intros are mostly done with virtual backgrounds so there is nothing to stand next to. We can remove the background from your video and place you on our set as if you were there. A clean background is easily removed. One with a lot of designs, colors, etc. does not clean up well so we wouldn’t be able to use your video.

  • A Cell Phone? Really?

Yes – really! Today’s cell phones have better cameras than most SLR’s out there. Just remember you need good lighting so make sure its enough and not too little or too bright. The tripod also helps keep the phone steady so it looks perfect on screen.

  • Why Is Wardrobe Important?

If you wear something with a lot of patterns, thin lines, polka dots, etc. you run the risk of it looking funny on the TV screen. It can mess with the older TV’s pixels and look funny. Also we do not want to promote anything on your shirt. Let us know if you have any questions about this.

  • When Recording – Why the Pauses before and after?

Sometimes when you hit the record button it takes a second or 2 before it starts. Likewise after you are done, pausing helps keep your place if the on-screen intro is not over yet.  This also gives us time to edit where it starts and ends. If there are no pauses it might not fit well and you’ll have to do it over again.

  • Which Way Do I look?

Couple of thoughts here. You should look into the camera not at you on the screen. This way you look straight at the views. Next if you are going to make it look like you are looking at the Virtual Monitor in the final product remember this. You look, point, gesture, etc. to your LEFT. You will be placed on the screen on the left so the Virtual Monitor will be to your left.

  • What should I Look For Before Sending It?

Once we get it we look it over and if it’s ok we use it or at least put it in que for some upcoming videos. We don’t want to air it and then get a call asking to take it down because you don’t like something. Make sure you like everything about it before sending. Thanks!