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The process of getting your videos on Lionfish TV is quick and easy. This page explains the process.

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The Rules

We are looking to expand this network and invite you to participate so we can share your stories to our audiences around the world. There are some basic rules to follow if you want to be a contributor to the Lionfish TV channel.

    1. If you would like to have any of your footage on Lionfish TV you will need to send us original content that is not on YouTube or other video platforms. This is not our rule it is Roku’s rule.
    2. We add our splash intro and exit on your completed video for branding purposes.
    3. You cannot have any explicit content in the video – nudity, swearing or anything people might find offensive (We know, everything these days are offensive but you get the point).
    4. These are informational videos not commercials so please don’t send us advertising videos or videos with blatant advertising of products. Showing your Zookeeper or putting StingMaster on the swollen area where you got stung is ok.

The Process for Sending Lionfish Hunting Videos

    1. Fill out the form below to get established with Lionfish TV so you can regularly send us video of your work, hunting, cooking, etc.
    2. Send us the video either complete or if you want to send us clips make sure your number them in order – 1, 2, 3 etc. We will then know the order to process them. MAKE SURE the clips are edited the way you want them. We will just add them into the editor and produce them as is, along with our intro and exit.
    3. Have a theme and information in the first video – Video Title, Name, country/city where you’re from, why you’re hunting (or cooking, etc.) and any other information you feel is needed.
    4. Keep the total video(s) from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. We want to fill the channel with videos that are compelling and enjoyable to watch.
    5. Try to keep the footage stable and not shaking all over the screen. We want to have good quality videos to keep the viewers engaged.

We reserve the right to decide which videos get published so please make sure you have great quality, clarity, sound and content.

An Example of the Process

Below is a rough script that you can use if you’ve never done this before. We want to engage the audience and make it a full bodied video for watching and enjoying. Be yourself and be real. Have fun with it and let your personality shine. Remember – this is a fun project so have fun while protecting the reefs!

Video #1

Introduction Video – Hi! I’m [Name] and I’m here at [beach, reef, etc.] in [City, State/Country]. Today we are going lionfish hunting to help save the reefs here. The thing I like most about lionfish hunting is……….

Video #2

Dive into the video from here – boat ride, suiting up, diving in, etc. Edit your lionfish hunting – searching, spearing, containing, etc. add your best shots of the dive(s) and beautiful scenery. No other fish hunted – just lionfish.

Video #3

Finishing the dives – show getting back on the boat or shore and counting the lionfish, storing in the cooler, etc. Talk about the highlights of the dive, about the challenges, what was special, comments, biggest ones, etc. 

Video #4

Your ending – Recap everything you did and what stood out about keeping the reefs free from lionfish. Talk about what you are doing with them – eating, selling, jewelry , etc. Thank the audience for watching and sign off.

Please make the process easy so it can be replicated often.  Once you find your format you can create great videos for easy uploading to Lionfish TV! We are a nonprofit and everyone works on a volunteer basis so let’s not over work them.  We are excited to work with you!

Get Started

Fill out this form and we will confirm your rquest to be on Lionfish TV. If you have a file where we can down load the video(s) please include that.

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